Soli’s latest press release is available. Here’s an excerpt:

Cambridge, MA (Sept. 12, 2019)  Soli CEO Robert MacArthur and VP of Communications and Governance, Lilliane LeBel have been invited to participate in the UN’s Global Compact conference set to begin on September 21.

Soli ®, a member of the UN Global Compact, is the patented consumer-rewards program that fights climate change by keeping carbon out of the atmosphere.  Participating in Soli’s program will enable businesses of all types to become more sustainable while making a meaningful impact on reducing the carbon footprint, thereby supporting the UN Global Compact goals.   Attendance at this event will allow Soli the opportunity to discuss how both businesses and individuals can have a significant impact on mitigating the effects of carbon.

Read the complete release here, and visit the UN Climate Action Summit website at this link.